Tree of Life provides your loved ones the opportunity to live their best life cropped-veb_treeoflife_logo_high.jpg

tree-of-life-logo1Truly Personalized Care

We take personalized care to the next level by ensuring your loved one has a perfectly matched caregiver. Because we are focused on building genuine relationships, we believe it’s essential to make sure that caregivers and clients are perfectly matched. Whether it be a shared faith, shared social interests, or even just a love for the same coffee shop on the corner… your loved one will indeed have a friend in their caregiver, who will genuinely ensure your loved ones best quality of life.

Tree-of-life-logo3Our Holistic Approach

We consider the whole person, including their spiritual, social, physical, and psychological needs. Each and every one of our clients comes from a unique cultural and social background that defines how we can provide the best possible care for them. We understand that giving full and respectful consideration to your loved ones spiritual, social, physical, and psychological needs will contribute significantly to their ability to truly live their best life.

tree-of-life-logo2Genuine Relationships

We’re not just caregivers. We seek a genuine and authentic relationship with your loved one. We know that growing older can often become a lonely process. Our caregivers genuinely love their jobs, as a result they seek to build genuine and authentic relationships with each of our clients. An outing to the mall, bowling, or a stroll in the park on a sunny day, is not simply a transportation service to us. Our caregivers love getting to know your loved one, and sharing in their experiences… as a friend.

Service Area: Etobicoke, Mississauga, and the GTA