Dr. Suzy Casimiro

Dr. Suzy Casimiro, Director and Founder of Tree of Life Senior CareDr. Suzy Casimiro (LinkedIn)
Founder & Director

Tree Of Life Senior Caregiving Services was founded by Dr. Suzy Casimiro. For over 25 years, Suzy taught Social Sciences with an emphasis on gerontology, human services and community studies across 3 countries; Australia, Canada and Singapore. She has devoted her career to improving service provision to Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CaLD) Communities.

Suzy is internationally recognized for her research. She has extensive published refereed articles on (CaLD) communities as well as evaluations on the effectiveness of government agencies in delivering services to their communities. Suzy has identified gaps/issues in Government policies and programs and initiated options for achieving goals and objectives to adequately respond to the needs of CaLD communities and provided advice on programs of other public sector agencies.

Suzy teaches at the University of Toronto and in the School of Business and School of Health Sciences at Humber College. She continues to contribute to the wider community through teaching, research and her participation in workshops, conferences and journal editorial boards.

Suzy’s greatest impetus is to strive for excellence in service delivery to all members of our society, especially CaLD communities.