5 Handmade Gift Ideas for Your Loved One

Need a Loved one gift idea for a holiday or birthday? Here are suggestions to get you started.

Undoubtedly, you can buy a present for a loved one from a store, but they can be very impersonal. Why not make one? Your loved one will love having something homemade.

Create a Family Memory Placemat Collage

Grab your family photos and laminate them to place mats to send to loved ones. You’ll always be there with them bringing joy to each meal.

Create a Music CD

Record family stories telling your loved one about their favourite times, as a reminder of their importance in the family.

Film a Homemade Video

Grab the video camera and record family moments.

Personalize Family Fridge Magnets

Get some magnetic tape and put pieces on the back of family photos to create instant fridge magnets.

Puzzle It

Paste a photo of grandchildren on cardboard, cut it into pieces and send with instructions saying, “Put this together and see who loves you!”

Handmade gifts can be a tradition that your loved one can look forward to. This will make for a rewarding present the loved one won’t forget.

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